About Us

NRS Equipment, Inc.  specialized in the recovery, removal, revitalizing, re-marketing, of pre-owned industrial equipment from 2009 until 2013. This experience has allowed NRS Equipment to also become new equipment manufacturers which is NRS Equipment’s main focus.  NRS prides itself in having some of the most knowledgeable engineer/technicians for working on equipment, mainly in the industries of Stoneworking and Stone Cutting. NRS has installed and trained on machinery from over 30 different manufacturers from all over the world, principally in the Stone and Glass industries.

NRS Equipment, Inc. can perform professional asset recovery for many financial institutions.  From scheduling to safe-removal, many financial institutions choose NRS to carry out their asset recoveries in the area of machinery for Stone, Glass, and Wood industries.

Machinery can be purchased as-is, or completely re-furbished with a full working warranty, complete of tooling, installation, and training.  Machinery can also be manufactured new to equipment wholesalers. Piece of mind to the end-user is the main focus.  All work is done in the USA by skilled, experienced NRS-certified technicians.

Please contact NRS and see the type of piece-of-mind you can obtain from a company that will only give you the best in service and quality.

NRS can troubleshoot and find parts(excluding proprietary parts or software) from:

– Intermac CNC

– Bimatech CNC’

– CMS Brembana CNC

– Park Industries

– Spectra

– Northwood Machinery

– Breton Machinery

– Marmo Meccanica

– Shengda

– Hesheng

– Z Bavelloni CNC

– Tecnomac

– Prussiani Engineering

– Ravelli

– Superior Sawing Systems


– Sasso Meccanica

– Zonato

– Emmedue


– Montresor

– Commandulli

– Cavani

– Monlevi

– Terzago

– Marmo Elettromeccanica

– Canigo

– Keda

– Bidese